Wallenstein LX5100 3 Point Hitch Log Grapple for Compact Tractors - Wallenstein Outdoor Power Equipment Made in Canada

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To get ahead you have to cut corners, except with the flexible Wallenstein three-point hitch log grapple for compact tractors. The spring-loaded swivel grapple makes sure your logs follow you home around every bend and turn in your woodlot. The LX 5100 also reduces damage to your trails and logs by lifting the front end off the ground. This eliminates deep ruts and minimizes surface contact to the end of the log. So, pull it all together with the most efficient way of forwarding logs out of your forest using a compact tractor.
Note: Wallenstein uses Pioneer style ball type hydraulic couplings for all tractor auxiliary connections. Substitutions are not available from Wallenstein and must be made at the customer's expense.
Overall Length / Width / Height 41" / 29" / 32"
Total weight 275 lb
Boom lift capacity 1500 lbs.
Grapple Rotation 180° Spring Center
Grapple Opening 3" - 38"
3 Point Hitch Category: Category 1
Bypass grapple
Thick or thin, the grapple’s tines fold together holding tight anything from 3 inches to 38 inches in diameter.
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